If you are looking for a door that is strong,tough,aesthetic,light weight having a long life,devoid of maintenance & yet cost effective, then FRP DOOR is the answer. Techni fibre has come out with a technique of producing FRP – polyurethane foam encapsulated doors. we have a speciality in making heavy qualitable FRP doors. The door is self-pigmented & available in colour of your choice. also available in veneer finish. door available in smooth / mat / veneer finish. the standard door thickness is 30mm.


  • Exceptinally strong, rigid & tough. being much lighter, transpotation, installation & handling are easy & faster.
  • FRP’s inherent resistance to termites & non corrosive nature eliminated the need for periodical maintenance.
  • water repellant, free from warpage & unaffected by weather.
  • the doors are supplied in ready to fit condition with provisions for fastening handles, hinges, latches, locks etc.
  • aesthetically appealing & elegant. moulded in pleasing colours. a boon to interior designers.
  • consistent product quality.
  • being structurally sound & corrosion resistant, Techni fibre FRP doors outlast the conventional doors.
  • a wide range of built-in colours to choose from.
  • delivery of even bulk supplies at short notice.
  • maintenance free.
  • FRP doors have a significantly lower coefficient of thermal expansion compare to pvc/wooden doors. the fixing is simple as conventional wooden doors & can be fixed on any door frame.
  • We do undertake manufacturing doors according to customers design.

Available In Different Colour
White Off White Grey Ivory
Brown veneer 1 veneer 2 veneer 3

2 Panel Woodgrain Finish

2 Panel Arch Woodgrain Finish

2 Panel Smooth Finish

4 Panel Woodgrain Finish

Plain Woodgrain Finish

Plain Horizontal Line Design

Plain Veneer Design

Plain Veneer Design 2

Plain Veneer Design 3

Fibre Doors 1

Fibre Doors 2

Doors with Glass

Doors with Glass

Doors with Glass 2

Doors with Glass 3

Doors with Glass 4

Doors with Glass 5

Doors with Glass 6

Doors with Glass 7

Doors with Glass 8